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Looking for a simple method to keep track of your patient’s data? Clustered information can result in disastrous mistakes, causing the entire medical process to be disrupted. Alana is a simple solution that collects all information and diagnosis in a single, easily accessible location. As an online application, it helps practitioners to plan and track their patients’ medical journeys using the Salesforce CRM platform. Featuring modules such as billing, notes, and reporting, it digitizes all paperwork, freeing up more time to save lives.

Alana encompasses your practice’s whole range of services.
Each member of your team is guaranteed the resources they require to excel.

What is Alana?

Alana is a cloud-based EMR web app created for medical professionals who want to organize the entire medical process in one place. Designed for physicians who provide medical attention to people who have suffered workplace injuries, it allows for detailed & punctual real-time information display. As a powerful and intelligent app, its sole purpose is to make medical jobs easier so practitioners can focus on what really matters — saving lives.

The app keeps punctual online track of each patient’s clinical state, creates visual charts, handles medical invoicing, and much more. This unparalleled EMR software experience allows you to access your app anytime you have access to a laptop giving your medical routine an extra layer of efficacy.

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